Mac server/OT problem on PowerBook 5300

Michael Santos michael "at"
Wed, 07 Oct 1998 19:15:24 +0000

I downloaded the VNC Mac server and have tried it out on several machines.
Aside from the fact that I can't launch the server from the menu bar (it
just beeps at me), it's pretty cool.

However, I can't get it to work at all on my PowerBook 5300 (grayscale).
>From the requirements list, it seems that my PowerBook meets the minimum
requirements (except I don't know how to tell what version of Display Manager
I have).  Is there a problem using it on grayscale machines?

When I try to connect to the VNC server with a Solaris viewer, MacsBug
keeps popping up the following:

User break at 0B2E8F30 OTEndpoint::sNotifier(void*, unsigned long, long, void*)+00098
 string_ex throw in notify

Strangely, though, MacsBug doesn't stay up.  The machine continues.  I 
actually have to manually drop into MacsBug to read the messages.

When I connect to http server portion of VNC from another machine, I
keep receiving a bunch of "DoSndOrderlyDisconnect:
OTSndOrderlyDisconnect error -3168 state 7" alerts on my screen.  It appears
as if one is generated for each http connection (each GET for images, etc.).
If I keep OK'ing them, the web page _is_ displayed, though.

I'm running MacOS 8.1 (and, therefore, OT 1.3) but it certainly seems like 
there's a problem with OpenTransport on my machine.  Does anyone have any
ideas what could be wrong?  Has anyone used the Mac VNC server on a
grayscale machine (or on a color machine in grayscale mode)?

For the VNC developers, I'd be happy to provide information from MacsBug for
you if it helps...


-- Mike
(michael "at"

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