Win32 Server and no tray icon?

Josh Hults joshhults "at"
Wed, 07 Oct 1998 03:23:19 +0000

>I'm relatively new to the list, and haven't seen this covered yet.. I
>recently re-installed the Win32 VNC Server and noticed that the tray icon
>didn't appear.. This was an unexpected bonus, since not having the tray
>icon was part of the functionality of VNC that I was looking for..  :)

>Any leads on how to duplicate this would be greatly appreciated.. I
>haven't been able to pull the same trick on any other machines.. The
>machine that I did it on is a Win98 box with the Win32 VNC Server
>installed as a service..

I actually had this same "problem."  Apparently there is a but in the code for 3.3.2r2 that sometimes causes the tray icon to not show up.  I have not had any luck making it appear or disappear at will, although right now I cannot make it appear at all.  So supposedly this will be "fixed" in revision 3.

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