Win32 Server and no tray icon?

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(Sorry to those on the list who have read this all before....)

The Official word from Quentin at ORL is:

"We've had a lot of queries about this, so I've added the following to
the FAQ:

Q. Can I get rid of the taskbar icon created by WinVNC?

No. Not without changing and recompiling the source code.  We feel that
there would be few legitimate uses of VNC where you would need to
conceal its operation.
However, there might  be occasions where you would not want the user of
the server machine to be able to adjust the WinVNC settings, password,
etc, so versions later than 3.3.2R3 will include a 'restricted' mode
where the icon is still visible, but the menu options normally available
from it will be disabled.


many different people have had success at doing what he said can not be
done...I did it by changing the runservices registry entry slightly, and
this works flawlessly in my environment. ( Novell 4.10/4.11 multi-tree
multi-server university).

When you install it onto your users machines you want to install it to run
as a "service".

Using the "winVNC -install" is supposed to install it as a service, but I
changed the registry settings very slightly. (removed a couple of "

To do what I did just add the service.reg file below to the registry after
you install it.
(run: regedit service.reg)

The service.reg file is:


"WinVNC"="C:\\Program Files\\Orl\\VNC\\WinVNC.exe -service"


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