Macintosh VNC Server - Bug Report

Mike Babulic mike.babulic "at"
Tue, 06 Oct 1998 20:37:30 +0000

>You mean pressing control-c on a remote viewer causes the Mac to which you
>are connected to print c?


    I was using the Win32 viewer (3.3.2r2) on both win95 and NT

>What about alt-c? (ctrl and alt are mapped using the same system)

    same thing


Bring up "Key Caps" (in the Apple menu) and try pressing the Ctrl, Option,
Shift keys.... individually, and in various combinations.

Works fine on the Mac, but using VNC:

  1) Ctrl, Option or Shift don't highlight the "keyboard" or change the
     characters on the "keys" (I kinda expected expected this)
  2) Ctrl or Option pressed with another key yield the "raw" key,
     instead of a special character

I haven't set the "command" (apple/cloverleaf) key to anything yet... just
used the plain-vanilla install

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