VNC error using multiple viewers at once

Eric Bennett ericb "at"
Tue, 06 Oct 1998 17:37:16 +0000

I would like to use VNC to allow several people to view the same screen
at once.  I gather from reading the various docs and archived list
messages that it is supposed to be possible to connect multiple viewers
to a single VNC server.

I can connect one viewer to my VNC server just fine, but when I try to
connect a second one, the first one quits and prints the message
"vncviewer: read failed" (this doesn't happen until I enter the password
in the second client).  I'm using the DEC OSF server and viewer.  Any
ideas?  Is there a special config option I'm missing that's needed to
allow multiple connections?


Eric Bennett ( ericb "at" ; )
Department of Chemistry, Cornell University
377 S.T. Olin Chemistry Lab

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