Mac alpha server problem

Michael K. Murray mmurray "at"
Tue, 06 Oct 1998 05:20:27 +0000

At 10:10 AM +0930 5/10/98, Michael K. Murray wrote:
>Has anyone tried the Mac alpha server? When I set it up and
>the screen draws in the viewer the cursor stays frozen as an
>arrowhead in one place and when I move the mouse a small dot
>moves around the screen. Unfortunately the dot won't
>drop menu's or close windows when I click. When I use the Java viewer
>I don't get the dot the arrowhead movees but there is no response
>to clicks.
>I am running the server on  a G3 desktop at work and the viewer at home
>on a G3 PowerBook. I have set it up remotely using TB2 which is
>still running so maybe that is interfering.
>Thanks - Michael

In case anyone is wondering I have just checked this with
only G3 standard extensions + teh vnc patches. I still
get the same result.

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