minor winvnc feature request(s)

Boyce, David David.Boyce "at" Fmr.com
Mon, 05 Oct 1998 23:36:44 +0000

I haven't noticed any other discussion of this but ... would it be possible
to add a registry entry enabling one to turn off the little information box
that pops up when setting the winvnc viewer into full-screen mode? That's
the one that says "To exit full-screen mode, hit Esc-Esc and ..." - once you
know the trick, it becomes a minor irritation. I guess the obvious thing
would be to add a "Don't show me this warning again" checkbox to the dialog
as other Windows apps do.

Come to think of it, an option which causes vncviewer to connect in
full-screen mode would be nice too.

-David Boyce

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