Macintosh VNC Server - Bug Report

Mike Babulic mike.babulic "at"
Mon, 05 Oct 1998 23:26:42 +0000


The "Control" key isn't recognized correctly by the Mac Server. The "raw
character" is used instead of the control character.

example: The Mac server responds to "control-C" as if it were the character "c"


VNC Server and extension: Mac 0.0.11

OS 8.1
PowerMac 8100/110  (PPC601 running at 110 MHz)
32 MB of real memory.
Virtual Memory is: [On] giving me a total of 60 MB of memory
LAN: ethernet 10baseT
     Open Transport 1.3
     Appletalk,  TCP/IP,  SMB (via Dave 2)
Screen: 1152 x 870, 75Hz, Thousands of colours

Mike Babulic,         Management Systems Analyst
Engineering Computer Services,    City of Calgary
mike.babulic "at"  phone: 268-2520

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