Problem with Mac Viewer

Dair Grant dair "at"
Mon, 05 Oct 1998 09:11:37 +0000

Brad A. Schwartz wrote:

>I have the server on an NT 4.0 web server and was able to view from the
>Mac.  The server was restarted and now I get this error after entering
>the password:
>	An event error occurred.
>	Connection Name: my.server.ip.address:0
>	OTRcv : Failed - 3155

-3155 is an Open Transport "Call issued in wrong state" error (according 
to Macsbug).

>I've tried this from 2 different Macs and get the same error and have also
>tried using the Mac VNC 1.1 (which just simply crashes)...

This may actually be useful info: there's a bug in the 1.1 build on my 
web pages whereby the app will crash before even connecting if Open 
Transport fails to initialise itself (soon to be fixed by 1.1.1).

That, and the error returned from ORL's viewer, might indicate the 
problem is with Open Transport on your Macs rather than being related to 
the server.

Are you able to connect to the server with any other TCP apps? E.g., a 
web browser?

Do you still see the problem (with either viewer) if you pick the "Mac OS 
8.x All" set of extensions in the Extensions Manager?

-dair (feel free to take this off-line if you want to get into any 
Mac-related setup details not relevant to the list)

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