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Oliver Hillmann ohil "at"
Sun, 04 Oct 1998 01:46:46 +0000

Hi to all VNC-users,

just wanted to add my opinion on the file transfer debate.

Please do *not* add such a function to VNC! Yes, it might be helpful for
some of the VNC fans, but on the other hand there are a lot of file
tranfer programs and daemons available even for the Window$ platform, as
far as I know (and according to other postings in this list), and one of
VNC's features is being simple and lightweight, especially when talking
about the client, but even the VNC server should be polluted with
overfeaturious stuff, as far as I am concerned.

I guess you can use the VNC access to make some of the files on the remote
host available to the client machine and vice versa (copying files to
publically open shared directories, copying files to a ftp file base
tec.), if you want. And you can even exploit the internal HTTP server for
file transfer, so please, please no bloatware!

Just my two Pfennig, as we do not have cents in Germany (Well, this will
change when we switch over to the Euro currency, because the Euro's
fraction will also be called 'cent'... ;) 


Oliver Hillmann, Berlin (Germany) <ohil "at">

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