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Dameon D. Welch dwelch "at"
Sun, 04 Oct 1998 01:23:28 +0000

On Sat, Oct 03, 1998 at 03:16:08PM -0400, jamarsh2 "at" wrote:

> Or possibly just include some kind of FTPD in the windows installer since 
> the *nix's already have one.  Maybe this idea would be better directed 
> towards MSFT.

Actually, if you ever install the "Personal Web Server" that comes with
Windows 95/98/NT Workstation or IIS for NT Server, you've got a perfectly
functional FTP server. Or, if you prefer, you can use WarFTPD or something

I tend to agree with the idea that VNC shouldn't become bloatware. On the
other hand, the "built-in" web server used to serve up the Java applet could
be used to transfer files. It might take a little code on the server side to
be able to handle that, but the "transfer" part could occur on a web browser
or with any application that will do uploads via http. It doesn't have to be
incorporated directly into the VNC client. 

-- PhoneBoy

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