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Sat, 03 Oct 1998 20:17:15 +0000

Or possibly just include some kind of FTPD in the windows installer since 
the *nix's already have one.  Maybe this idea would be better directed 
towards MSFT.

Robert J. Brown wrote:
> >>>>> "Aaron" == Aaron DiLapi <dilapi "at"> writes:
>     Aaron> I think its a good idea to have file transfers.  I find
>     Aaron> there are situations where it would be incredibly useful,
>     Aaron> as it is I use text cut/paste through VNC a lot.  I think
>     Aaron> there is probably some very easy way to implement file
>     Aaron> transfers without doing a full FTP implementation, it
>     Aaron> really wouldn't add a whole lot of "bloat" to VNC, and I
>     Aaron> think it would be well worth it.
> And while were at it, "you want fries with that?"  :-)
> Once we start duplicating the functionality of other freeware just for 
> the sake of one bloated "one program does everything" piece of free
> software, we make a mess for everyone.
> What would maybe make more sense would be an installation package for
> those poor little deprived Microsoft using machines that installed ftp 
> client and server at the same time vncclient or server was being
> installed.  Packaging such a combo would not be within the charter of
> either the vnc people, or the ftp people, or whatever, but would
> represent an effort in and of itself.
> Those of us who work mostly with Unix do not have these problems, as
> these tools are usually part of the default system anyway.
> If an installation package of several tools meets the needs of a wide
> group of users, then this is a good idea.  I just do not think it is a 
> good vnc idea.  It is a seperate effort by possibly different people.
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