VNC - File Transfers

Andrew Brennan brennan "at"
Sat, 03 Oct 1998 17:51:26 +0000

   Actually, if you're going to pick features from TB2 that you would 
   like in VNC ... I'd opt for the flashnotes before file transfers - 
   I find it easy enough to use the FTP clients and pass files through
   another host when I'm too impatient to setup a FTP server.

   ... that's just me, though.

On Sat, 3 Oct 1998, John Marsh wrote:

> Im probably going to get shot for asking/suggesting this, but here goes
> anyway.  I work frequently with remote contol software such as PC Anywhere
> and Timbuktu.  I recently found VNC and am very pleased with it.  But to be
> usefull in some environments, it lacks one feature, file transfers.  In PC
> Anywhere and other softwares like it, there is a built in transfer system,
> so you can transfer files between the two machines without having to set up
> FTP servers on them all.  Is there any way to incorporate that into a
> future version of VNC?  Is this a stupid idea?  Anyone else have any
> thoughts about it?  Thanks alot.

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