Security Options being added?

Phil!!!!@!@#!@ nothing "at"
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 19:26:52 +0000

Hello, we would like to deploy VNC on about 80 machines all running
Windows 95. But, what we would like first is some added security. Maybe
this has been brought up before, maybe not, but heres what we'd like
to see:

1> A way to only allow certain IPs to connect. In particular, we only
want ONE machine to be able to connect to the 80. This helps tighten
outside intruders out. 

2> A way so people can't get into the properties in their system tray,
or mess with the settings, change passwords, etc. 

This will allow us to remotely train people, and trouble shoot with ease.

But first, we need the security. 

Can anyone comment on future vesions? Also, 3.1 server wold also be nice.
(yes, i know, old and crappy, but you'd be surprised how many people
are using it.)


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