Using VNC over the Internet

Thu, 01 Oct 1998 14:32:04 +0000

     Yeah, it works fine over the net.  I get that error message when I=
     behind a firewall that has ports 5800 & 5900 disabled.


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Subject: Using VNC over the Internet
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>>>>> "william" =3D=3D william tey <wmtey "at"> writes:

    william> i have reecntly installed VNC win32 on an NT server. it
    william> runs fine with both the VNC viewer and Java under
    william> Netscape 4 over an ethernet network. it also works well
    william> when i dial up to the RAS on my network.

    william> but when i tried running over the internet by dialing to
    william> an ISP, i was not able to connect to the VNS server. when
    william> i connect using netscape to port 5800
    william> (http://hostname:5800) of the vnc server, i got the java
    william> applet started initially with the authentication
    william> prompt. after i typed in the password and click ok, i
    william> waited for about a minute and got the following msg:

    william> Route To Host Exception: Operation Timed Out.

    william> can someone help? pls email me direct at:
    william> wmtey "at"

I works fine for me.  I have used it over pure 10baseT ethernet, and
over ISDN and analog POTS modems with PPP, both thru an ISP and the
Internet, and also directly to another network.  No problems.

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