olwm core dumping under SunOS VNCServer

Howard Moftich howardm "at" lsil.com
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 13:44:43 +0000

That copy of Xvnc was built with X11R6 (6.1?), not under any of the
original Sun NEWS junk that is part of SunOS.  The ProjectRoot was set
to /usr/X11R6.

I will say that it works for me w/ olvwm (version 4).  You might want
to doublecheck some of the internal defaults in the vncserver Perl
script such as fontpath, xauth location and RGB database.  Other than
that, I really dont know although if it really coredumps, you can get
a trace of the dump and maybe get more info if you have a decent
debugger such as gdb.  In the tarball, there are two versions of
vncserver, the first is what I use and the "~" version is what is
distributed w/ VNC.

PS. If someone wants to "archive" the SunOS tarball that is on
ftp0.lsil.com, that's fine w/ me but be aware that the tarball will be
auto-deleted (via cron) from ftp0 by this Monday.


On Wed, Sep 30, 1998 at 07:35:41PM -0700, bat man wrote:
> Hi all,
>  Has anyone else had problems when starting olwm under the SunOS
> (4.1.4) version of vncserver?  I get an immediate core dump
> every time.  A trace of the process does not reveal an obvious
> problem.  
> I tried running twm - it complains about colors being unknown and
> the window title bars show up as white...do I have some Xresource
> file problem?
> PPS: Thanks to Howard Moftich <howardm "at" lsil.com> for pointing me at
> the SUNOS binaries:
> You can anonymous ftp to ftp0.lsil.com
> cd /pub
> bin
> get vnc.sun.tar.gz

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