twm runs, olvwm and olwm core dump under SunOS VNCserver

bat man wramzoic "at"
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 13:01:39 +0000

Follow up to the coredumping olwm problem:

I was able to get twm to run properly (with proper colors) - by
running vncserver -cc 2 instead of -cc 3.
But olwm and olvwm still core dump on this machine everytime
without even starting.
I think this points to some resource (color or memory - twm is
about the smallest window manager) - but this machine has 500 
megs swap so I don't know.
I also had to install the fixed fonts on this machine even to get
Xvnc to start up...

In the trace of olvwm it tries opening the nls files but fails -
I don't know if that is significant?

Any tips appreciated,


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