olwm core dumping under SunOS VNCServer

bat man wramzoic "at" hotmail.com
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 03:38:40 +0000

Hi all,
 Has anyone else had problems when starting olwm under the SunOS
(4.1.4) version of vncserver?  I get an immediate core dump
every time.  A trace of the process does not reveal an obvious
I tried running twm - it complains about colors being unknown and
the window title bars show up as white...do I have some Xresource
file problem?

I think VNC is great!  I can't wait to go thin client everywhere!

PS: The VNC WWW search engine:


always gives me an error:

Fatal Error 500

Can't Access Document: 

Reason: System call `connect' failed: Connection refused. 

Thanks for any tips,

PPS: Thanks to Howard Moftich <howardm "at" lsil.com> for pointing me at
the SUNOS binaries:

You can anonymous ftp to ftp0.lsil.com

cd /pub
get vnc.sun.tar.gz

Pls note that you will not be able to do any sort
of "ls" or "dir" commands on that server.

Here is the Sunos checksum:

howardm t6 @ wm10[235]sum vnc.sun.tar.gz
55986   692         

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