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Kenneth Albanowski kjahds "at"
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 00:53:24 +0000

On 28 Sep 1998, Ray Jones wrote:

> Ivan Popov <pin "at"> writes:
> > Be careful! It may be forbidden to export from USA...
> > Ray, have you checked that your patches are exportable?
> my patches don't actually include any crypto code; they only make
> calls to SSLeay library functions, which i don't distribute.  how the
> law applies to hooks to crypto code is fuzzy, but my feeling is that
> it is acceptable.

A) very few things are immediately "acceptable" or "unacceptable", as
there are no actual laws regarding this, and it is decided arbitrarily on
a case-by-case basis. B) crypto hooks are not any more acceptable then
crypto code itself. I'm not aware how strongly this has been tested, but
it definitely is not an excuse. C)  Yes, I'm aware that the above
statements are bizarre from many standpoints, but they are, to the best of
my knowledge, accurate. 

Speaking pragmatically, I doubt you'd get in trouble, but speaking as a
U.S. citizen, I cannot recommend you break export laws, knowingly or

(Speaking, as I am, in a world forum, I would like to apologize for the
sillyness of my government, and deeply regret the fact that it is
restricting U.S. nationals from participating in world projects.
Unfortunately, changing tech policy is not easy when "defense concerns" 
are invoked.)

Kenneth Albanowski (kjahds "at", CIS: 70705,126)

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