Using a french keyboard with the Windows viewer ?

Quentin Stafford-Fraser quentin "at"
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 21:09:20 +0000

Hello Pascal,

Yes, we are aware that VNC doesn't cope well with many keyboards.  Until the
release we hadn't realised quite how restricting this can be, particularly
on keyboards using AltGr for common characters - AltGr isn't used at all on
UK/US layouts.  It generates Ctrl-Alt, so a German keyboard user will get
Ctrl-Alt-Q when he expects to get '@'.

We are looking into it, and the next revision of the Windows package will
have better support for other keyboards.  Apologies for our Anglo-centric
viewpoint!  it may be possible to use something like xmodmap to get the keys
in some other way until then.


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Date: 31 March 1998 16:10
Subject: Using a french keyboard with the Windows viewer ?
>All is working fine except that I cannot use Alternate keys (the ones
>normally accessed via Alt Gr). On a french keyboard, it means that I cannot
>type characters as "~#{[|`\^@]}".