VNC novice cannot connect to server on NT4.0

Guenter Steinbach guenter "at"
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 19:05:18 +0000

I installed and started the win32 version of the VNC server on a PC
running NT4.0sp3.  I used all default parameters:
accept socket conn
display #0
poll window under cursor
poll console windows only

I cannot connect to it, either from a viewer running on the machine
itself or from my home PC running Windows95.  From at home I get
'connection refused', from on the server itself I get no response but
the viewer process lives on (I have 2 viewer processes listed on the
server PC by now).

Also, the viewer at home couldn't find the server until I added its name
and IP address to C:/windows/hosts - if that is expected then it should
be in the "getting started".

Any pointers to what I'm doing wrong?
        Guenter Steinbach,  Arithmos Inc.,     guenter "at"