vncviewer: Connection Reset by Peer dsk1 "at"
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 17:44:01 +0000

Hi all. This was asked a couple times before (found it in the
archives) but I couldn't find a solution.

Anyway, I'm running vncviewer on Linux 2.0.33 (RH5), using the RPM
available (compressed font support, etc.). I've also tried the
binaries provided from the website, using xfs with the same problems.

I've installed the WinVNC server on my NT machine.

I can connect to the NT machine using Win95 or another NT box, using
the Win32 vncviewer application. Not a problem. Very nice.

However, I want to do this from within Linux+XFree-3.3.1. 

I start the vncviewer program the correct way, enter the correct
password, get suthorized (I know this because a different password
stops with an ;authentication failed' message.) A window then opens on
my desktop, but immediately closes. 

The output from vncviewer is this, in debug:


vncviewer: VNC authentication succeeded
ReadExact: 03 20 02 58  10 10 00 01  00 1f 00 1f  00 1f 0a 05  .
           00 00 00 00  00 00 00 06
ReadExact: 73 74 61 74  73 31                                  stats1
vncviewer: Desktop name "stats1"
vncviewer: Connected to VNC server, using protocol version 3.3
vncviewer: VNC server default format:
16 bits per pixel.
Least significant byte first in each pixel.
True colour: max red 31 green 31 blue 31
            shift red 10 green 5 blue 0
Using default colormap which is truecolor
Creating window depth 24, visualid 0x22 colormap 0x23
ReadExact: 03                                                  .
ReadExact: 00 00 00 00  00 00 01                               .......
ReadExact: 2a                                                  *
vncviewer: read: Connection reset by peer


Does anyone have any suggestions or a fix for this?