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Tue, 31 Mar 1998 07:56:52 +0000

On Mon, 30 Mar 1998, Dr. Joel M. Hoffman wrote:

> >I am wondering why just running Xvnc + (X?) vncviewer client isn't
> >sufficient?
> Only since you ask, and without meaning to put down what I think is a
> great program, the biggest reason is performance. On my Pentium 100,


> Also, some apps still don't work under Vnc.  I can't get dosemu (xdos)
> under linux to accept keyboard input.
> The final reason is that I'd have to reconfigure my window manager,
> with two config files.  One for my main session, with all of my
> copious hot keys (Alt-Fn, Ctrl-Fn, etc.) and one that ignores all of
> these keys, so that they can passed to vncviewer.

No, you don't need _any_ window manager for your viewer session.
If you are primarily interested in the shareable desktop, evidently.

> By the way, for a bit of fun, try using vncviewer under X to view a
> Win95 screen, and then run vncviewer on that Win95 screen to view the
> original X screen....  In addition to the recursion, there's a bit of
> confusion about where the cursor is....

You may want to test it recursively under just Win95 :)

> -Joel
> (joel "at" exc.com)

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