Dr. Joel M. Hoffman joel "at" exc.com
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 15:21:26 +0000

>I am wondering why just running Xvnc + (X?) vncviewer client isn't

Only since you ask, and without meaning to put down what I think is a
great program, the biggest reason is performance. On my Pentium 100,
running vncviewer and Xvnc is much slower than just running X.  (I
haven't tried the svga vncviewer, because I apparently have an old
svga installation, and I can't get it to compile.)

Also, some apps still don't work under Vnc.  I can't get dosemu (xdos)
under linux to accept keyboard input.

The final reason is that I'd have to reconfigure my window manager,
with two config files.  One for my main session, with all of my
copious hot keys (Alt-Fn, Ctrl-Fn, etc.) and one that ignores all of
these keys, so that they can passed to vncviewer.

By the way, for a bit of fun, try using vncviewer under X to view a
Win95 screen, and then run vncviewer on that Win95 screen to view the
original X screen....  In addition to the recursion, there's a bit of
confusion about where the cursor is....

(joel "at" exc.com)