Tristan Richardson tjr "at" orl.co.uk
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 11:57:52 +0000

>>>>>>> Ivan Popov writes:
> many people on this list replied to the message about shareable X desktop.
> I am wondering why just running Xvnc + (X?) vncviewer client isn't
> sufficient?
> I even tried to start Xvnc with -query option and it looks (in vncviewer)
> exactly like my usual login screen. Then I can log in and do anything...
> And make this session shareable.
> Isn't it what you are looking for?
> Yes, naturally, you have to login and to run some kind of vncviewer.
> Well, make your startx (or "vncuser"'s login script?) start just
> X vncviewer to local Xvnc, nothing else...
> A bit surprised,

Thank you Ivan - a bit of sanity on this thread at last!

There is no point running any kind of multiplexing proxy X server - they have
exactly the same problems Joel was originally trying to avoid with Xvnc
(namely that you have to specially run applications through the proxy rather
than directly on the real X server).

They also have problems caused by trying to use the X protocol which, unlike
VNC, wasn't designed from the start with multiplexing in mind.

And while we're on the subject........

>>>>>>>> Richard Offer writes:
> Xfvb is the virtual frame buffer X server, it fakes a Xserver purely in memory
> no graphics at all (of course this also means that there is no way of viewing
> the display (well there is is, but you don't want to know....).
> Folding the Xvnc code into Xvfb would be a great idea, it would remove the
> necessity of having to run a Xserver (except the combined Xvnc/Xfvb)...

I'm not sure what you mean here Richard - Xvnc is really just a refinement of
Xvfb.  When you run Xvnc without a connection to a viewer it behaves exactly
like Xvfb.  The only difference is that Xvnc _does_ give you a way to view the



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