Caps lock

Dr. Joel M. Hoffman joel "at"
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 15:23:08 +0000

>In this case, the Windows machine is performing caps-lock handling
>locally, at the viewer end and is then sending the XK_CAPS events to the
>server end, where they are re-mapped into XK_CONTROL events.  The result
>is that the Windows machine then maps all lower case letters into
>uppercase before sending them to the server, so even though the server
>doesn't think it's in caps-lock, it actually is.

In other words, after I press Caps_Lock, vncviewer only sees cap'd
letters, right?  Because Win95 and not vnc is processing the
caps-lock?  I guess there's no way around this, because if I press
caps-lock inside of vncviewer, and it's not remapped, it's supposed to
make everything outside of vncviewer cap-lock'd, too.

>If you want to remap caps-lock to control, you really aught to do it at
>the client end, for consistency, if possible.

Anyone know if it's possible?

(joel "at"