Why Perl here ? (and another feature?)

Jim Jowski jim "at" sm5323.mcclellan.af.mil
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 19:40:54 +0000

I've finally am able to get the server to run on my Linux
box using Joel's shell script vs. the perl script that comes
with the package.  This is interesting and I'll look into it
more (hopefully) next week.  Some of the problems I may have
been having appear to be due to the 'tight' file protections
on my machine.  (Everyone is umask 077 unless they change it
from the login default.)

Something else I've run across is that if I change the
'xstartup' Xwindows manager line at the end of the file, the
change doesn't want to take effect.  I changed this line

   from:   fvwm &
   to:     fvwm95-2 &

yet I still come up in fvwm!  Is the 'xstartup' file only
looked at once per user login (not vncviewer login) or am I
missing something?

The VNC guys have done a great job so far and I'm a much
happier camper thanks to them.