Why Perl here ?

Richard Offer offer "at" morgaine.engr.sgi.com
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 18:11:46 +0000

* $ from alexandre.ferrieux "at" cnet.francetelecom.fr at "27-Mar: 9:21am" | sed
"1,$s/^/* /"
* A naive question:
* 	Why the !@#$%^ does the 'vncserver' script use Perl ???
* What  nifty constructs  in  Perl, missing in the Bourne shell,  do you
* need to:
* 	- set up a few env variables and options
* 	- check for broken PATHs
* 	- make sure the computer power is on (just kidding)
* Of course, Xvnc can be used without it. But don't you think people who
* need it most deadly are those who don't have Perl ?

I should have finished this weekend a real X program (startxvnc) that replaces
vncserver, it uses the X resource mechanism for supplying arguments to Xvnc
(and the client startup scripts), also allows multiple named desktops (with
different defaults).

The only reason I wrote it using X is to make use of the resource mechanism.

Oh it also does the write thing with logging (to different files), and has a
simple query mechaism so you can see what desktop is running on which display.

* -Alex

I'll post a pointer to it in the next few days...


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