256 color Server

Edward Avis EPA "at" datcon.co.uk
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 17:06:17 +0000

>I've been trying to run the WinVNC server (R9) and run the vncviewer on my 
FreeBSD machine, but I'm getting errors.  The only thing I could figure 
>out was that it possibly had to do with the fact that the Windoze machine 
was at 256 colors.  Another windoze machine on the network running the 
>same WinVNC has no problems - it was at 8bpp.
>Does VNC support 4bpp? or 256 colors.  If so, then what am I doing wrong?

Err... 8bpp means 256 colours.  4bpp is 16 colours.

Ed Avis
epa "at" datcon.co.uk