Strange behavior (for me)

Jean-Francois Bardou devpoly "at"
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 09:56:59 +0000


I'm testing the vnc server on a linux system (2.0.28)=20
and a vnc client on a W95 system.

I used the downloaded compiled version.

All seems Ok :
1- I launch the server from the linux box (xterm),
the client on W95 and the XWindow is coming. I
can use it to access Xv or vi...

2- But, on the linux side, an ininterruptible flow
of processes is created (until crash, if I don't kill
the vncserver : is not so obvious to kill it)

3- If I tried to launch the server from the W95 box
by telnet, the process is aborting (after a while)
with an error message telling ..." process fork" or
some  near sentence.

I'm not a unix guru, so I'm unable to interpret
this behavior.

Can anyone help me ?

Many thanks.

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