Keyboard working incorrectly accessing a VNC Server on Linux from Windows

Tristan Richardson tjr "at"
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 12:38:27 +0000

> Topic says it all - just to make it more clear: Basically everything is doing
> fine - I have a germany keyboard layout. What's not working is keys like @, \ -
> though it's the Right-Alt key that's not working. Any hand to help?

Unfortunately the keyboard-handling at present is rather Anglo-centric, and
was only tested on UK and US keyboards before we released it.  We've had
some suggestions as to how to cope with other keyboards, and are working on a
better general solution.

Martin C. Mueller <mcm "at"> told us he'd done some quick hacks to
support German NT keyboards so it might be worth asking him to make them
available.   Martin?



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