WinVNC & NT: 100% CPU utilization

dave w capella dave.capella "at"
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 20:55:40 +0000

Thanks Shane & James,

>I recommend the Cygnus GNU-Win32 port of the GNU Un*x GCC, + unix 

Yes, invaluable. The uwin package is equally useful.

>However, I suspect the real reason for this apparent performance hit is
>that you're running the Task Manager on the desktop of an NT box that is
>being viewed by two VNC clients.  So a large proportion of the CPU cycles
>For the purpose of monitoring CPU usage while using WinVNC, I suggest
>using the Performance Monitor tool, under the Administrative Tools menu,
>Were you performing similar tasks in your original trials to the case
>described above?  How many clients did you originally have connected?

Task Manager proved to be the culprit. ps would have been a good indicator,
but I didn't want to install anything new just yet. My earlier tests were 
similar, but they didn't have the Task Manager running. I tried the 
Performance Monitor, and CPU usage dropped dramatically. It's still high
with more than a single client (as high as 75%), but acceptable.

The funny thing is (thankfully), my main linux server, with 3 VNC daemons
running, doesn't show any load at all with 3 or 4 clients connected.

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