VNC as a teaching tool?

Wes Barris wesb "at"
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 20:28:06 +0000

I have installed VNC on our SGI, Linux, and NT workstations.  It is working
properly.  I plan on using VNC as a teaching tool in a classroom environment.
I have already run a server and nine clients in our graphics lab.  I am
wondering if it is possible to do the following:

1) I would like to make all (but one) of the vncviewers "output only"
   so that the students can see what the instructor is typing without
   being able to affect the rest of the class with their own mouse and

   I know the Windows version (WinVNC) has a "Disable Remove Keyboard
   & Pointer" checkbox.  Is there anything similar on the client side
   in the X version?

2) Copy and paste.  I would like the students to be able use the mouse to
   copy strings of text out of the vncviewer window and paste them into an
   xterm running from their own X server.  Is this possible?  Right now it
   looks like a different cut buffer is being used for xterms displayed
   within the vncviewer.  (NOTE: this is in an all-SGI environment.)
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