How compile my file vnc ...:(

Wed, 25 Mar 1998 18:31:20 +0000

Hi Mark, excuseme, I have a one problem and is about of file vnc, I the
have I my box Linux 4.2 of Red Hat, yet cannot copile the file and in true
tell that cannot make  :(( you  can tell please how make or fix my  file
by can I execute my computer's with VNC...

I have one coputer with the follow caracteritics,is an Pentium with 32 MB
in Ram , Linux RedHat 4.2 ,connect a Iternet PPP/link and the other pc's
are 386 and not have Hard Disck and only have one target ethernet NE2000,
drive 3.5'' high density, and they can outside aInternet  athrough of my
box via ppp running ip-masqurade, yet now I want that my pc's havent
graphics to can execute netscape and more not lynx ...

I hope that you can helpme please and how o what make to  fix my problem
of cannot compile mi file....

Thanks very much for you atention

I sorry by my English ...

See you 

Domingo Varela.-