Xvnc and Cygwin32

Tristan Richardson tjr "at" orl.co.uk
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 10:42:17 +0000

> Maybe I should have tried
> to find
> out exactly which version of X11 Xvnc is based on and taken that as a
> starting point...
> Question for the people at ORL: Have you thought of updating to a newer
> version of X11? This would make the porting job much easier, especially if
> you
> also changed Xvnc to use the wrapper network functions.
> Maybe you are waiting for X11R6.4 to come out before updating?

Xvnc is based on the X11R6 sources.  Later releases of X just seemed to have
more baggage in them so I've never taken the trouble to update.  I had to hack
the X tree around quite a bit to get just the sources to build the X server,
and I don't fancy doing it again.  However if someone else were to do the same
for a more up to date release of X that would be a good thing.



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