WinVNC & NT: 100% CPU utilization

dave w capella dave.capella "at"
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 23:18:10 +0000


I had occasion to convert a linux box to NT today to experiment with
some mapping software. After installing the OS, the first (only) app I
loaded was VNC. While setting up various other machines as viewers,
I fired up the NT's TaskMgr to monitor CPU & memory use. To my 
surprise, I found that with only WinVNC running, serving 2 clients,
my CPU utilization hit the ceiling (100%). It's only got 32mb, but only
28mb were committed (no thrashing). A check of all processes
revealed that WinVNC was taking 85% - 98% of the CPU's time. The only
other processes running were the standard NT server services: IIS,FTP,
standard TCP services.

I've been telling colleagues that this is *not* resource hungry, and
I could have sworn that my earlier tests bore this out. Any idea why
this 'virgin' machine would exhibit such behavior? Or were my earlier
results wrong?

Thanks a lot,
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