Windows VNC packages upgraded to R12

Jim Jowski jim "at"
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 22:06:34 +0000

I loaded the new Windows binaries and still have the same problem;
no display on my linux 2.0.33 running X 3.2 other than the blank
grey background and dot cursor.  There is a bright side to this;
I tried another Windows box and it worked as advertised.  My theory
is that the first Windows box has problems moving the info across
the LAN that the second Windows box doesn't.  I still can't get
'vncserver' to work on the Linux box (or maybe it's 'vncviewer'
on the Windows boxes).  'vncserver' starts and dies after a few

I suppose that some progress is a good thing.  The owner of the
second Windows box could immediately see possibilities...  Good
thing he's not management.  :^)