SGI build patches

Richard Offer offer "at"
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 21:26:52 +0000

I've simplified the build process for SGI (Irix 6.2 and 6.5 (currently in

It builds out of the box now (the only remaining problem is that of fonts, I
haven't fixed that one, since this is user specific).

The following patch is a hack, the best solution would be to pass an additional
-I/usr/lib/X11/config to the imake program (after Xvnc/config), but there isn't
an easy was to pass this information down the various levels.

There is also no way to tell imake to build the program not using the default
ABI (o32 on Irix 6.2, n32 on Irix 6.4+), the user normally does this via
additional args to xmkmf (-n32).

If I can think of a (reproducible, ie not via env. variables) workaround for
this (building n32 on Irix 6.2), then I'll add vnc to the SGI freeware catalog.


Anyway here is the patch to the top level Imakefile (watch out for lost TABs).

*** vnc-dist/Imakefile	Thu Jan 22 12:18:18 1998
--- vnc/Imakefile	Tue Mar 24 11:18:28 1998
*** 11,16 ****
--- 11,34 ----

+ #ifdef SGIArchitecture
+ XCOMM This is a hack, but it works on Irix 6.2 and 6.5 (I dont have easy
+ XCOMM access to other releases --- richard <offer "at">
+ Makefiles::
+ 	cd Xvnc/config; \
+ 	$(RM) Motif.rules.sgi Motif.tmpl.sgi sgiIncludes.tmpl sgiLib.rules
sgiLib.tmpl ;  \
+ 	for f in $(CONFIGDIR)/Motif.rules.sgi $(CONFIGDIR)/Motif.tmpl.sgi
$(CONFIGDIR)/sgiIncludes.tmpl $(CONFIGDIR)/sgiLib.rules
$(CONFIGDIR)/sgiLib.tmpl; do \
+ 		$(LN) $$f . ; done ; \
+ 	sed -e '/operating system/a\
+ /* \
+  * The Following three lines have been added as part of the VNC build, \
+  * they are not supplied by or supported by SGI ---richard <offer "at">\
+  */\
+ #define BuildPex NO\
+ #define BuildPexExt NO\
+ #define XvncServer YES' < /usr/lib/X11/config/ >
+ #endif /* SGIArchitecture */
  	(set -e; cd Xvnc; unset MAKEFLAGS MAKELEVEL; \
  	 ./vncxmkmf; make Makefiles; make depend; make all )

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