Xvnc and Cygwin32

Richard Offer offer "at" morgaine.engr.sgi.com
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 20:55:03 +0000

* $ from alan "at" cymru.net at "23-Mar: 7:13pm" | sed "1,$s/^/* /"
* > Of course there are X servers for windows NT (eXcede, XVision, etc), its
* > that they have not been contributed back to the X consortium. There hasn't
* > any Xserver work at the XC for some years, so this isn't likely to change.
* >
* > Note that the servers that you do get with the standard X distribution are
* > _sample_implementations_, vendors are free to take them and improve them
* > giving their changes back....
* Unfortunately.

Not so, I think had X had a GPL style license then it wouldn't have had the
impact that it did. (cf. NeWS).

None of the vendors that have paid countless millions to develop/promote X over
the last unpteen years would have touched it with a bargepole (I'm not saying
whether its right or wrong, I'm just talking politics).

* The XFree team have NT clients but not server, so if anyone wants to try
* and get a server up on the MS accursed beast thats a good base point

In theory all you have to do is implement two drawing primitives natively, of
course performance will suck. I said in theory, most of the problem will be in
getting X and Windows to integrate, both have different system models.

[This is all 'But What Do I Know[TM]', I'm not a Xserver person]


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