Alan Cox alan "at"
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 19:17:47 +0000

> Open Group) to accept the changes back into the source tree. They are unlikely
> to do this (just a gut feeling).

I think you are wrong there. Its in their interest to have as many and as
high quality a reference set as possible

> X != Xfree86, Xfree86 is just a number of Xservers that has been designed for
> PCs running Unix. The Xfree86 servers have been folded into the base TOG X
> distibution, but the Xfree86 team are still responsible for their own code. In
> this respect the Xfree86 team are no different to one of the big unix vendors.

And XFree for NT would Im sure be welcomed there, as I suspect would XVnc