Xvnc and Cygwin32

Richard Offer offer "at" morgaine.engr.sgi.com
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 17:42:08 +0000

* $ from vharju "at" sci.fi at "22-Mar: 4:38pm" | sed "1,$s/^/* /"
* >From: Edward Avis <EPA "at" datcon.co.uk>
* > The point is, it should be possible to port Xvnc, the VNC server for X, to
* > Cygwin32.  Then in combination with the VNC viewer for Windows, we would
* > have a free X server for Windows.  I know I'm not the only person who
* > thinks this would be a good idea - but I'm no expert on X, Cygwin32, or
* > VNC.  I hope there are other people out there who would be willing to have
* > a go, since many would like a free Windows-based X server.
* >
* > (Myself, I've done the opposite port - ported the
* > VNC viewer for X to Cygwin32 - but I'm a bit stumped about the server.)
* I have also briefly looked into building Xvnc on WinNT. My approach was to
* use
* MSVC++ as the compiler, but the issues are the same as with gcc/Cygwin32.
* What I found out was that Xvnc seems to be based on an older version of X11
* (perhaps R6?). R6 supports NT 3.1, R6.1 supports NT 3.5 and R6.3 supports NT
* 4.0.
* The forthcoming R6.4 will support NT 3.51 (and I guess also 4.0).
* I am not sure at which point WinNT started to be supported also on the
* server side --
* the earlier releases only support the client side.

Of course there are X servers for windows NT (eXcede, XVision, etc), its just
that they have not been contributed back to the X consortium. There hasn't been
any Xserver work at the XC for some years, so this isn't likely to change.

Note that the servers that you do get with the standard X distribution are
_sample_implementations_, vendors are free to take them and improve them wthout
giving their changes back....


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