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* >Currently I'm not running my entire desktop inside the server, I have a
* >'mini-desktop' which looks like my normal desktop, but is smaller (1024x768)
* >and I only use it for mail and news (since these are the things I really
* The real solution to this, it seems to me, is to completely merge the
* vnc sources with the X sources, so that any X server can be rebuilt to
* support VNC.  In my case, I would rebuild by S3 Xfree86 server with
* VNC support, and just use that one desktop.
* I know nothing about the X source tree, or XFree86.
* How hard would it be?

Not hard as such, just a matter of politics, you'd have to persuade TOG (The
Open Group) to accept the changes back into the source tree. They are unlikely
to do this (just a gut feeling).

Plus the real problem is that the people that pay money to TOG don't use the
TOG sample Xservers as shipped...(okay that's an exageration).

Instead of major re-writes to all of the Xservers, why not just hack Xnest to
do the right thing ? It has the advantage that its aready a pseudo server that
spits out Xprotocol rather than making calls to the underlying hardware, and
its available with most distributions.

X != Xfree86, Xfree86 is just a number of Xservers that has been designed for
PCs running Unix. The Xfree86 servers have been folded into the base TOG X
distibution, but the Xfree86 team are still responsible for their own code. In
this respect the Xfree86 team are no different to one of the big unix vendors.

* -Joel
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