cursor keys under java applet

Geoff Gibbs ggibbs "at"
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 09:58:16 +0000

> > Yes. Only the main keys are sent through. The arrow keys and the keypad
> > and the function keys are not sent through by Netscape 3 on Solaris.
> > It is fixed in Netscape 4.
> hmm, u sure about that, my arrow keys work just fin in Xterms color or
> normal (if that makes a diff), under Netscape 3 (std edition)

This is a Netscape 3 under Solaris 'feature'. Netscape 3 under other OSs
does not have this 'feature'. It is not peculiar to vnc, as I first
encountered it with a VT100 emulator. I that case my work round was to
provide a key (or should that be button) pad on-screen. I recall that
using the arrow keys on the keyboard, moved the focus around the
on-screen buttons!

I have also found a Mac with IE4 on it, and vnc does appear to run,
but I recall that control keys were not passed through. I must
go and check this.

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