dosemu under Linux under Xvnc

Uwe Bonnes bon "at"
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 22:20:52 +0000

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel M Hoffman <joel "at"> writes:

    Joel> Sorry for all the posts today --- I finally got Xvnc going, and
    Joel> I'm trying to refine it now.

    Joel> Everything works beautifully except for dosemu under Linux.  Xdos,
    Joel> in particular, prints everything okay, but keyboard input is
    Joel> >really< broken.  Every key does the wrong thing.  For example,
    Joel> the left-shift becomes the number 1, the right-shift the number 2,
    Joel> the letter "a" is "a" but "b" is "s" and "d" is "f".


probably you have the "keycode" keyword in your dosemu configuration
file. That keyword is depriciated since long...

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