Andreas Jellinghaus aj "at" dungeon.inka.de
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 15:18:14 +0000

> > What is the value of having  a GUI to your Unix box?
> > 
> > I dont mean this in a negitive way...I really want to know.

you an see several xterms at teh same time.
with console you have to switch back and forward, or use high resolutions
and somehow split the window.

the main purpose of my 17" screen is, it shows me 4 xterms.
the rest - nice colors, graphic applications (xload, xisdnload),
and the web browser are add-ons, i can live without.

and, uh : i use tkirc for irc. i don't like irc so much,
and tkirc has the nice feature, of showing me the channel topic and the
list of current channel members all the time. and i can open a new
window for direct chat. i know, ircii can do all these thing too (at
least i guess it can), but i don't want to learn another language -
moveing x windows to the place, where i want them to be is more
intuitiv, than doing the same with text base applications.