Xauth not in path?

Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij "at" caiw.nl
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 22:38:58 +0000

On Sat, 21 Mar 1998, Rob Zimmerman wrote:

> Yes, I have just istalled a copy of Vnc on my remote 
> Sparc20/Solaris2.5 Attempting to strt server via telnet I reciev an 
> error Xauth not found in path. I looked at the perl script to see 
> that there is a referance to .Xauthority but see that ther is no dir 
> created when un taring the file. What am I missing?

Your system is missing a proper stiup for X authentication I guess. This
is not a VNC issue. Contact your local system administrator and make sure
X authentication is setup properly on your system.


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