Richard Offer offer "at"
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 01:14:47 +0000

Has any thought been given to inter*. In particular cut and paste between the
viewer any aplication not run inside the viewer.

(This is all X based of course).

Currently I'm not running my entire desktop inside the server, I have a
'mini-desktop' which looks like my normal desktop, but is smaller (1024x768)
and I only use it for mail and news (since these are the things I really care
about if I'm down in the labs). The problem is that I tend to run my browser
outside of vnc, and of course I have various xterms that contain my various
rlogins spread about the multiple desktops in fvwm. Everything works okay until
it comes to compose and email containing the output from some failed
compilation in xterm...

This does sort of limit the use of vnc---or at least how I use it. I'm not sure
I want to move to a completely vnc based desktop---at least yet....

Something else I was playing with last night was the ability to have muliple
desktops, I'm thinking of re-writing vncserver to do this in a clean way that
is external to the program...probably be a real (X) program rather than perl...

One thing I did notice is that the there is some color discrepancy between vnc
and identical apps outside (I'm running 8bit PseudoColor (yes pseudo), zmail
didn't want to run in TrueColor)---which is identical to the my normal config.
The actual type of discrepancy is that the colors just appear to be brighter
(whiter), I'm thinking that it might be to do with the fact that Xsgi does
gamma correction and uses a non standard gamma value (1.7), however I couldn't
see anywhere in the code that looked like it might be doing gamma-like things
(but I'm not a server hacker).

Last thing, it seems to handle the keyboard diffenently to Xnest, if the
pointer is in an Xnest window and I hit Control-Left (or Right) the window
manager that is running in Xnest sees that and uses it (I've only tried it with
those combinations, those are ones I use most in fvwm). I vnc, it doesn't catch
it and the window manager that I'm running outside of the vnc session grabs it.

Great app though.


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