read failed/No more processes

Sabuson George sgeorge "at"
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 23:32:19 +0000

Was anyone able to solve the 'read failed' problem,
with 'No more processes' error message.

I am trying on a hpux9.05 system. The server comes
up fine. I can query using xdpyinfo etc. However
when vncviewer is started, a window comes up and
vanishes instantly. The error message from the X.log
file is as follows. The result is the same if the
viewer is started on a different machine (win95).

rfbInitSockets: listening on TCP port 5902
httpInitSockets: listening on TCP port 5802
rfbCheckFds: got connection
rfbProcessClientProtocolVersion: client protocol version 3.3 (server 3.3)
Client Pixel Format:
8 bits per pixel.
True colour: max red 7 green 7 blue 3
            shift red 0 green 3 blue 6
rfbSetTranslateFunction: client is 8-bit trueColour, server has colour map
using client's preferred encoding: raw
rfbSendUpdateBuf: write: No more processes
Framebuffer updates 1, rectangles 1, bytes 1276012
   raw rectangles 1, bytes 1276012
Raw bytes equivalent 1276012, compression ratio 1.000000

Sabuson George
mailto:sgeorge "at"