What do the options mean for the vncviewer under Unix?

Seak, Teng-Fong seak "at" drfc.cad.cea.fr
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 17:34:28 +0000

Could someone please tell me what these options for vncviewer
mean (of course, except the obvious ones like shared, truecolor, etc).
Specifically, I want to know the meaning of raw, rre, corre.  And if
I could disable mouse and keyboard input from the client.  Is that

usage: vncviewer [<options>] <host>:<display#>
       vncviewer [<options>] -listen [<display#>]

<options> are:
              [-display <display>] [-shared]
              [-raw] [-copyrect] [-rre] [-corre] [-hextile]
              [-nocopyrect] [-norre] [-nocorre] [-nohextile]
              [-bgr233] [-owncmap] [-truecolour] [-depth <d>]
              [-passwd <passwd-file>]
              [-period <ms>] [-delay <ms>]

	I've been looking around for some time, except for the README,
README.vncserver and the html files, I couldn't find any doc concerning
these options.  What are they?

	Thanks in advance.

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