vncserver/vncviewer on Red Hat 5.0 alpha

Angel Martin-Alganza alganza "at"
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 18:10:43 +0000

At 10:36 3/17/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I have a problem accessing the Xvnc server on my alpha running RH 5.0:
>I can start the server using "vncserver", and it will stay up until...
>I try to access it with anything. If I start a viewer either locally with
"vncviewer" or on a Win95 machine remotely, the same thing happens. The
viewer makes the connection, asks for the password, authenticates, and then
the server dies. "Read failed" is the message on the unix side failure.
Ditto with the browser/java access. In short, the server runs until a
viewer passes authentication, then it gets killed. If I put in an
intentional bad password, it fails to authenticate but does not kill the
server. Any ideas?

Are you using the binaries in an Solaris 2.4?
They are compiled for Solaris 2.5.
I had the same problem until I recompiled them for 2.4.


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